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Jonathan H Brown

I am a confident and innovative product leader using agile to anchor digital transformation and service design to improve customer experience through employee engagement. I am also exploring developer experience and how to better integrate designers into the development lifecycle.

As a leader in the design community, I evangelize ethical practices in user experience design. The cybernetic world we envisioned in the early days of the web has devolved into a nudging, divisive corporate panopticon. I am working to return cyberspace to its idealistic roots.

Stop Killer Robots

Jonathan speaking at a client's conference.

My Career Today

I am the principal designer at One Sprint Beyond, where we design astonishing simple interfaces at the speed of development.

With Noosphere, I am exploring how advanced cryptography can address the urgent issue of disinformation in social media.

I teach at my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University, as an Adjunct Instructor of Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science. I am also affiliated with the Center for Informed Democracy and Social - cybersecurity (IDeaS).


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